Ordering and Prices

      How to Order: Ordering custom art is easy and fun!

  1. Choose between:  a hand painted digital painting on canvas or on paper; one of my one of a kind ”brushfolks” silhouette style portraits, or a traditional watercolor painting.
  2. Choose your size…I can help with that if you are unsure.
  3. Click here to send your choices via email or send to mj@maryjill.com: Send some jpeg photos of your pet or child and tell me about his personality! Once I have a look at your photos, we can share our thoughts and ideas and I’ll answer any questions you may have. If you’d rather talk on the phone, leave your number and I’ll call you back in a jiffy.
  4. Payment:  I accept credit or debit card payments via PayPal - PayPal can now process your payments even if you don't have a PayPal account! When you are ready to purchase your portrait, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice via email which enables you to do so using their user-friendly and secure online payment website.  I’ll also accept payments made by check or money order.
  5. After payment is received, I’ll create rough layouts from which to choose your final composition. As I work on the art, I‘ll include you in the creative process by sending images of the painting in progress for you to approve. Working together this way, we’ll make sure that all the details (composition, expression, eye and fur color, etc.) are perfect! It’s fun to see your portrait come to life!
  6. When the painting is finished, and you approve it, I’ll carefully package and ship it out to you!
Notes: Portraits that involve highly detailed backgrounds or other features, such as scenery, ornate wedding dresses, etc. and multiple subjects or rush jobs will entail added charges. Completion time depends on how many commissions I have lined up. If you need artwork for a holiday gift, order early…it is my busiest season! Usually I can finish in a week to two weeks….complex and larger projects may take more time. 

Shipping: U.S. shipping ranges from $4.00 - $20.00 for 11” x 14” and under, $20.00 - $30.00 for sizes up to 16" x 20". Larger sizes will depend on your zip code. I’ll give you a shipping quote with your estimate. Let me know if you are located outside the U.S.

Other Media: Custom artwork is available in other media including acrylic, oil, pastel, graphite, pen and ink, silverpoint, watercolor or mixed media. Larger sized paintings or special sizes are available!  


Loyal Kip!

Hand Painted Mixed Media Digital Portraits on Canvas

 or Museum Quality Archival Paper

Digital portraits on paper (archival giclee) and paintings on watercolor paper will require mats and glass when framed.  
5” x 7”    (paper only)  -   75.00 (1 figure)                
6” x 8”    (paper only) -   95.00 (1 fig.)
8” x 10”  (paper  only)  -  160.00  (1 fig.)
11” x 14 - 300.00 (1 fig.)      375.00 (2 fig.)
16” x 20” -   560.00 (1 fig.)      760.00 (2 fig.) 

20” x 24”   840.00 (1 fig.)    1140.00 (2 fig.)    1440.00 (3 fig.)     1470.00 (4 fig.)
24” x 30”  - 1260.00 (1 fig.)   1560.00 (2 fig.)    1860.00 (3 fig.)     2160.00 (4 fig.)
30” x 36” -  1890.00 (1 fig.)   2190.00 (2 fig.)    2490.00 (3 fig.)     2790.00 (4 fig.)
36” x 40” -  2520.00 (1 fig.)  2920.00 (2 fig.)    3320.00 (3 fig.)     3720.00 (4 fig.)
36” x 48”  -  3025.00 (1 fig.)   3425.00 (2 fig.)   3825.00 (3 fig.)     4225.00 (4 fig.)

Ella in Technacolor!

Brushfolks Style Pet or Animal Silhouette

Watercolor Painting

                        Approximate Size
                                       of Silhouette 
5” x 7”                 3” x 4.5”            90.00
8” x 10”               5” x 7”             150.00
11” x 14”             8” x 10”           250.00
16” x 20”            11” x 14”          500.00
20” x 24”            16” x 20”          750.00
22” x 30”            18” x 26”          900.00 
      * Add a paw print                 + 55.00

Goopy and Gilbert Save the Date!

Traditional Watercolor Pet Portrait Paintings & House Portraits

5” x 7”        90.00
6" x 8"              120.00 
8” x 10”            175.00 
11" x 14"          300.00
16” x 20”          475.00

20” x 24”          700.00
22” x 30”          850.00 

Add 65.00 for each extra figure
 (unless it's a hamster groom!)
Ask about custom matting and framing!



                  Brushfolks Paw Print                     Watercolor PAWTRAIT 

Featuring your pet

or favorite animal in a paw print)

2.5" x 2.5"  paw size - 55.00 (Includes shipping and mat)
3.5” x 3.5”  paw size - 65.00 (Includes shipping and mat)

Hanging out on the porch!
Harvey and "Furever Friends"

Worldwide Debut!

Unique fiberglass statues painted with zillions of images of your pet inside...please inquire for prices and sizes as these are special order sculptures. I can send you a list of available breeds, animals, gnomes, etc. to choose from.

                                More info here!

Let me turn your favorite snapshot or memory

into a work of art!

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