Illustration...let's collaborate!

I'll create an amazing illustration for your children's book which will bring your story to life! This cover illustration was made with watercolor and a bit of pen and ink. I also work in mixed media, acrylic, pencil and digital media. Rough sketch ideas and finished sketches are provided for your approval before the final art phase is started. Prices will vary depending on the size and complexity of the illustration. 

I just finished illustrating a wonderful book for children by Gene B. Symmonds ... Pinky and the Green Bean Can Do Club!  Please visit the Pinky blog and check it out!

I love to illustrate because it's so fun to bring peoples ideas to life! They can imagine an idea and I can make it real....some of my clients have said they think I have ESP when the image turns out "just as they imagined it!"

Please feel free to contact me for your illustration needs...whether you are an author, a publisher or someone who wants something illustrated for an ad or special gift. I have a background in graphic design, and most of my work is custom work. My most important aim is to please the client. 

Your inspiration + my imagination = an unbeetable combination!

Pinky sleeping as if on a cloud....

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